Riemann P20 Origional Suncare Lotion SPF 20 200ml

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Riemann P20 Original Seriously Reliable Suncare Lotion SPF 20 is a fast absorbing sunscreen lotion that gives up to 10 hours of sun protection with just one application. And it won’t leave any ghostly white cast. Riemann P20 Original suncare lotion SPF20 is an ultra 5 star UVA protection,sweat resistant suncream formula that gives you broad spectrum photostable UVA and UVB protection. Water resistant, even after frequent swimming,it offers superior long lasting sun protection. With up to ten hours of sun protection after one application.

Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure to give a visible layer ensuring adequate coverage and no missed areas. Use approx 30-40ml per application per adult. Using too little P20 will significantly lower the level of protection. Allow 15 minutes before sun exposure.

After swimming – Although P20 is classified as very water resistant excessive rubbing and soap will remove it ,so pat dry rather than rubbing vigorously with atowel after swimming and reapply whenever you feel necessary.