Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush By Spotlight Oral Care

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Spotlight Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush is deigned with comfort in mind. This brush will clean your teeth effectively while gently removing plaque and discoloration. It has a  2 minute self timer, 3 speed setting to suit all and has a long lasting battery. It comes in aprotective travel case and includes 3 heads.

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A Game changer, the spotlight Oral Care Sonic Rose Gold Toothbrush uses professionally designed sonic technology which allows the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush with with an actual deep clean effect. Efficient, high- frequency brush movements ensure both toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to even the most inaccessible places. The sonic toothbrush was designed with both efficiency and comfort in mind. It is gentle and effective in removing plaque and discoloration ensuring an amazing clean and in turn, long term oral health. This toothbrush has three settings with various amplitude ranges to suit every individual need.